Cuban Christian Persecution Persists

Although the leadership changed, Cuban Christian persecution continues. The government views Christianity as a threat to communism. Police interrogate church leaders who resist teachings that are contrary to God’s Word. Church leaders also disobey government restrictions on Christian witness. The government forbids unregistered and new churches. Cubans still are poor, with the government controlling every aspect of life.

Major Religions:

Most Cubans are atheists. A significant number of Cubans practice Santería.

Cuban Christian Persecution:

The government persecutes Christians.

What It Means to Follow Christ in Cuba:

Because of its global reputation, the Cuban government changed persecution tactics. Government officials call Christian leaders to meet with them. The police then jail them for up to 48 hours. The government either seize church buildings or hires gangs to destroy churches. The government does not allow new church buildings. Many Christians meet in unsanctioned “house churches.”

However, the church continues to grow. Some of the country’s 1 million believers do not own a Bible. Although not imprisoned, the police watch Christians so closely. It feels like they are under house arrest. In addition, Christians are often denied jobs and educational opportunities.

Access to Bibles:

Although the government allows some Bible distribution, they still restricts access to Bibles. Two years ago, Cuba allowed the legal purchase and sale of Bibles only to members of the ecumenical Protestant church. But most Christian literature remains illegal. There are no Christian bookstores on the island. Bibles can cost up to a third of a worker’s monthly income. Give Bibles

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) Work:

VOM distributes Bibles and supports discipleship and evangelism. Give to VOM’s Global Ministry

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